How to Install a Diesel Heater in a Boat

The integration of an efficient heating system in boats, such as a diesel heater, can significantly extend sailing season for boat owners into late fall up to the winter months. With that said, it is extremely necessary to install a reliable boat heating system to keep it warm, safe, and comfortable during the entire sailing trip. You may opt to use a diesel-fueled heater, a propane heater, or a portable electric heater.
Here are some instructions including some precautions to consider when installing a heater on your boat.

  • First off, gather all the tools and materials needed. The materials that you will most likely need includes the power drill, power jigsaw, and a vent pipe (to be used for the diesel fuel heater).
  • Install a chimney vent for the diesel fuel heater. A safe location should be chosen where the vent can go up above the highest deck of the boat. This should be set away from sails, booms, and masts.
  • Choose a suitable length for the vent pipe with an angled end hood to keep it dry from moist or water.
  • Once the suitable length is obtained, the vent pipe should be attached to the heater.
  • Fuel the heater with diesel and turn it on.
  • Take precaution while installing the diesel heater. It is important to set the heater in an open space to avoid tipping.
  • When no one is onboard, never turn on or run the heater to avoid the likeliness of unforeseen accidents.

Whether you choose to use oil heaters or electric heaters, safety is considerably a very important factor when installing one. On that regard, it is imperative that you carefully follow the instructions provided on the manual to ascertain that you will be able to install the heater properly.

Make sure to appropriately choose the heater that you will install your boat by taking into consideration the frequency of its usage, its generated heat output, as well as the ease of installation.

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