All About Charm Bracelets

Have you always wanted to get yourself one of those beautiful charm bracelet? Charm bracelets have been pretty popular lately, but they have been around for ages.

Early man made charms out of shells and mammoth tusks. Nobility has made it popular in the Victorian era, and celebrities continue to keep the tradition alive. Charms for bracelets are essentially a collection, a collection of charms that symbolize the things, events, and persons you hold dearest.

Start off your collection of charms with a good starter bracelet. A starter bracelet need not be expensive, but make sure it will last and its color will not fade over time. Silver bracelets are quite popular, but a pale gold starter bracelet will also do nicely. A darker metal shade will also make for a good choice. Next, look for a charm or two. Plain silver charms make for a good starter charm, but it is nice to have something sparkly for the first charm. Also it will complement any silver rings that you may be wearing at the same time.

Look for a charm that tells how special the person is. If you are picking a charm for yourself, look for a charm that identifies you, in keeping with the tradition of charm bracelets. A gift charm can be a heart charm to symbolize how special that person is to you, or a lock to indicate that she is the keeper of your secrets. Charms can also symbolize special milestones. A baby rattle for the birth of a child is an excellent shower party gift. A glass slipper is the perfect charm gift for a sixteenth birthday. Monograms also serve as great charm gifts.

Charm bracelets also make it easy for you to think of a gift for that person’s next birthday. You will be able to give this peson something you not only made yourself but will also signify your friendship and compasion. What better gift is there?

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