Benefits of an Emergency Light

Emergency Light

An emergency light is a useful device which serves as a visual warning sign in times of danger. Its main purpose is to minimize the risks of accidents and injuries and has been proven to save people from possible death during emergencies. Its color often denotes the type of situation or potential hazards that may occur should precautionary measures are not taken. Like for example, flashing red and blue may indicate urgency and is often use by ambulances to give a signal to other vehicles to give way. On the other hand, flashing red and white are commonly used by vehicles from the fire department, while orange gives signal to drivers to slow down, etc.

A very common type of an emergency light is the exit sign which can usually be seen in most buildings such as cinemas and malls. The word EXIT is generally written in capital, red letters to show people the safe way of getting out from the area in times of fire or earthquake. Such signs are generally battery operated and do not depend on electricity so that they would remain illuminated even if the power supply is interrupted. Also, it is basically positioned in a place where people can easily spot it.

Another type of an emergency light is the safety lighting which provides warning when it is necessary to turn off a machine or an equipment. Commonly used in factories, such lights often come with an alarm sound system to immediately inform workers that there is something wrong with the machine and that continued operation is risky. In this way, employees are ascertained of a safe working environment.

Simply put, having an emergency light is essential to maintain a safe atmosphere particularly in public places. Aside from saving lives, it adds security to crowded places where people stay most of the time. Hence, it is important to understand its meaning and purpose to obtain its optimum effectiveness.

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