Aspects to Consider in New Area Rugs

Even though their main function is to just lay on the floor and sometimes cover a rough surface (most of the time being unnoticed), the area rug can mean so much more if we incorporate it in our living space with care. They provide us with a walking surface which our feet will fall in love with, especially if we have bare feet. If we take care to choose the right size, shape, pattern, color, design and style this piece of garment can do miracles in decorating our home.

The size of the area rug is determined by the size of the room. We should carefully measure the surface we want to cover before we go to the store. The shapes can vary from round, oval, rectangular, square, octagonal and hexagonal. Each of these shapes can achieve a different effect while decorating. The round area rug is great to put in a room which is very angular, for example. The round shape will soften those angles. The choice for the pattern is very important as well. There are so many beautiful patterns to choose form that choosing the right one can be a difficult task.

We should pay attention to the other fabrics in the room and then try to match our rug with them. We can use one which has a simpler pattern in a room full of fabrics in different types and colors or for example a pattern with horizontal stripes can make the space look wider. Choosing the right color will also help in creating the desired effect. For example an area rug with dark color can emphasize furnishings with pale color tones or a room with minimalist look. The materials of which area rugs are made can also vary. The most commonly used ones are: wool, cotton, sisal, synthetic fibers, sea grass and bamboo.

The most popular styles of area rugs are: Oriental, Flokati, Persian, Shag and Tibetan. The different types include: hand-knitted, braided, natural, machine-woven, hand tuft and many others.

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