Altea Alicante

Located at a distance of not fifty km from Alicante city, Altea is a small village in the Costa Blanca area. It is primarily a fishing village with the daily fish catch displayed for trade on its port. Altea is also one of the rare towns of the Costa Blanca that has been least affected by the developments of tourism.

Altea has many attractions foremost amongst which are the hills and the cultural university. These two features make the village a favorite for sightseers and visitors.

From the coast, the village seems to begin from the top of a hill due to its location on a hillside. The Sierra de Bernia is visible all across the village and gives it a charm and beauty that is unrivalled by any other town. In addition, the hills provide a wonderfully wide view of the village. the beaches and the coast. Although the beaches of Altea have escaped the typical tourism inspired development and construction, the hills are a different story. Having been cited as an ideal location for accommodation, many companies have begun developing the property around the hills into resorts, hotels, villas and golf courses. This is intended to drive more tourists into the Altea area and thus help in raising the income.

The second feature of Altea is its position as a cultural centre. It has officially been named as “The Cultural Capital of the Valencian Region” due to being home to many artists, painters and writers. The typical village look of the town earned it the admiration of these artistic minded people and they, in turn, have given the village its cultural importance. The University of Culture and Fine Arts in combination with the Concert Hall have established Altea as an important ambassador of local culture.

Additionally, the beaches of Altea attract many tourists who are visiting Alicante for the vacation. The beaches provide services of all kinds like food, shopping and sports. The fishing harbor is separate from the other harbor of Altea, which caters only to water sports facilities. No one visiting Altea will be disappointed because the village has all that is required to make a vacation worthwhile.

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