CAHSEE Preparation for the English Portion

For those high school students who enjoy solving exciting math problems, studying shapes and dimensions, and formulating and discerning patterns, you are likely to find the English subject much less interesting. For many, English can be much more difficult to deal with than dealing with math subjects. Furthermore, as English has always been a challenging fundamental subject in schools, you will realize that an extensive CAHSEE preparation is needed to gear up your confidence in answering exit exam questions.

If you are a student, soon to graduate from high school and living in the state of California, then you will find the prospect of taking the CAHSEE exam daunting. CAHSEE, which stands for California High School Exit Exam is the final evaluation examination for those high students who would graduate for the current school term. This is a way of academic assessment of high school students in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. This is mandatory in all public schools in the state of California, proctored by respective staff in each school.

The exam is comprised of two main sections – the math section and the English section. The math section has 92 multiple choice questions while the English section has 79 questions and an essay. Many students will find the English portion as difficult and time-consuming as the math section as the English portion comprises of reading, comprehension and writing an essay.

CAHSEE preparation for the English portion is highly recommended for students as they are likely to experience questions which may not have been covered for some time while taking the test. To address this dilemma, it is highly suggested for high school students to read how to come up with a substantial and well-informed essay and to review the basic English subtopics like subject-verb agreement, important literary figures and works as well as English writing and composition. Taking practice tests will greatly improve student scores in this area.

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