Deterring Potential Law Pests

Everybody wants a great lawn, as good landscaping can not only help a house look better, but it can increase the value of the property. Great looking lawns are not easy to come by, sometimes. Sure, steady and consistent mowing is important, but there are serious problems to look out for. Many of these issues vary by region, but one thing is nearly universal. Non-human pests can take a well maintained yard and make it an unsightly nests. These problems could be viral, fungal or bacterial, like with blight on plants. Other problems come from animals, specifically certain types of rodents. Moles can be particularly destructive.

These animals tunnel underground, burrowing through dirt. While this can result with soil issues, as well as the over all health of greenery, there is one obvious problem that results. Moles leave holes, and if your property has a lot of moles, these holes will appear in many places, leaving you with a disfigured lawn. There are ways how to kill moles. How to do so depends on the severity of the problem. There are home remedies that do not involve toxins, but the real question remains how many moles? If you are experiencing an infestation, you may have no other choice but to consult a professional exterminator.

Another option includes lawn aerator shoes. They are relatively low in cost, and they provide a homeowner to not only a chance to aerate their lawn, but get some exercise while doing so. Essentially, these “shoes” slip over a home owner’s regular shoes. They also feature long spikes, which drive small holes into the soil. These openings can be used for a variety of purposes. The holes can facilitate fertilizer, but they can also facilitate the use of pesticides. Sometimes, it is effective to have pest deterrent spread through the whole yard. Deterrence can be the best for of pest maintenance. Simply put, if you keep pests out of your yard totally, they will not be able to get a foothold.

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