Updating Tuscan Decor

Tuscan decor was a very popular style a few decades ago. It’s also still really en vogue. However, it has slightly outdated touches at times. This has a lot to do with the over the top elegant style that was really popular but now has been replaced with more modern design aesthetics. Here are a few items that you should really keep from this design style.

Save your rich wood furniture. This includes coffee tables or night stands. You may need to break up the set because these were often oversized pieces that weren’t to scale. However, this gives you the opportunity to decorate multiple rooms in your home with just one furniture set. This is going to use more of a subdued walnut finish instead of the brighter oak tones that were popular before this style came into play. It can also have subtle iron work on it which can help you to match a lot of curtain rods or light fixtures.

Another thing you’ll want to save is your concrete floor. This is one of your least expensive flooring options. It usually featured a finish with several warm tones to it. Even if you just really paint out the faux finishes on your walls you’ll be amazed at how trendy these floors can still be just as long as they are still really functional for your family.

Leather furniture is also worth keeping along with balcony furniture or a curved sofa. This would usually be in a chocolate brown or espresso shade just so that then it would be warm enough to hold up against the yellows and terra cottas that are so popular with this design style. As long as it has straight lines you could even work it in with more of a modern style. However, if it’s feeling a little bit too elegant then traditional is going to be the way to go although you can also work this in with the rustic design style provided that it has nail head trim.

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