Dragon Naturally Speaking: Making Life Easier

Are you dreaming of the day when all lectures and discussion you have heard will be automatically converted to text ? Do you wish that all your oral presentation will magically turn into written ones? Well, your wish is Dragon Naturally Speaking command. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a computer software that uses artificial intelligence as evidenced by conversion of speech to digital text.

Currently, the creator of Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10 utilize Vista 64 bit operating sytem. The program is compatible to both for PC and MAC. It is necessary to have a 1 gHz and 512 MB RAM. However, it can also run on Windows 2000,XP or Windows Vista as long as it has 1GB RAM.

Version 10 is the improved version. It claims to have greater precision,speed and features. The accuracy rate is over 20%. The respond time is cut short by 50%. Lastly, the software has now the ability to explore the web as well as the desktop with shortcuts option of the New Dragon Voice.

This program is widely used in the medical transcription industry. In this line of work,electronic medical records system are utilize by individuals who specialize on medical record documentation. At the same time, the usage of specialized software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking aid them in keeping important records and documents.

Nevertheless, Dragon Naturally Speaking has many other uses: For personal use, the user can increase output and efficiency. In fact, an individual can transcribe approximately 40 words per minute but one can speak about 120 words per minute. For business owners, companies and establishments that requires transcribing oral reports, discussions, lectures and so on to text form, their productivity is expected to increase by a whopping 400%. For developers and other programmers, it can be use as a model for further improvement and can be integrated in other technology.

Nuance, the developer of the product, released the latest version in the 2nd quarter of 2010. They are currently marketing their products at a very affordable price range of $40-60. Some online stores such as Amazon.com offer amazing and cheaper prices as compared with those in electronic stores. Numerous Dragon Naturally Speaking Reviews are present online to help you with your purchase.

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