Selecting The Perfect Clip On Lampshade

A Lamp shade is one of the primary decorations that you could see in homes. Its light gives brilliance in the dark. However, at the present time, people are having difficulties in choosing the perfect lamp shade. A lot of options are available with different shapes, sizes, patterns and designs. In addition, lamp shades have special fabric, from the typical color black to the multi patterned flowers. Some of the shapes are drum-like shape, the empire shape and the gooseneck lamp. With all these options, you don’t have to worry now. Thinking and knowing your preferred lamp shade would be a better move before purchasing.

Aside from the shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and designs of the lamp, it is essential to have fitter. A variety of fitter is available in the market. But before buying a lamp shade, bear in mind to look for a perfect fitter. One of the well-known fitters is the spider fitter which forms like a spider web around. It sits on the harp that surrounds the bulb. Another fitter is the UNO fitter that has two types. This UNO fitter differs from the spider fitter because this type of fitter sits on the socket.

Lastly, you could choose the clip on fitter. It has variety of options. Clip on fitter basically suits into the bulb directly and is built-in with the lamp shade. Usually, this is being used on chandelier lamps. But you can also get one from your table lamp. In addition for your chandelier lamp, a special consideration of measuring the size and height in between the ceiling and the chandelier is required. Now that you know the measurement, you can now find the best and perfect clip on shade that you want, with your preferred color and pattern. A beaded clip on is also available that will look extremely attractive when it hangs on your chandelier.

A clip on lampshade is very convenient to use, especially when you are living alone. It is easy to install and remove,  just clip it and for sure it is safe and secure. Additionally, beautiful and colorful clip on lamp shades will have a wonderful effect in the dark.

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