How to use stamps smartly

I have seen many teachers use stamps for the motivation purpose but only few of them know that the name of these stamps is teacher’s stamps actually. It’s strange that people use it but not aware of It. I would say it’s sometimes human nature and true for all people in some cases at least. In this article we will concentrate about the improvements we can do to the normal method teacher’s use while implementing the stamps. Everything can be improved so the stamps also.

A)     But the stamps or metal stamps in a bulk quantity so you will get cheap prize for all.

B)      Never use teacher stamps for the kids below 12 as they won’t be able to understand what it is and how to benefit from it. You can always use teacher stickers for the same as it will cheer them and motivate them.

C)      Don’t be afraid of using the negative stamps as they will increase the capability in the kids, minor use of the negatives is essential in the development cycle of anyone.

D)     You can use the monthly prize for the good students or students who get the most good stamps etc to motivate students in large quantity.

I know many more ways which can motivate the student better than the stamps but most of them are very difficult to follow and when teachers doesn’t follow this simple way how we can expect them to follow more difficult ways? I would suggest every teacher out there to follow this way at least because it will motivate the students and shape their future in good manner only. I would also suggest using negative stamps more as they will increase the competiveness and compatibility of the students with the outer world easily. Remember you don’t need to afraid of the negative things always, it will maintain the balance in the universe for the good.

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