The Little Tikes Kitchen Set

There really are some common names which we all know when it comes to toys and play sets. Little Tikes, one of the best toy set makers in the world continues to wow their consumers with the unchanging quality of their products. Little Tikes has been known throughout the years to be making the most durable play sets such as the Little Tikes country cottage primary. Today, it has added another addition to its wonderful collection of play sets – a kitchen set for little children. Kitchen sets such as those from Little Tikes could only serve the best interests for the growing mind of a child.

The actual name of the kitchen set is “Cookin’ Sounds Gourmet Kitchen in Pastel Colors”. The price for the whole set is at an affordable 60 dollars. The play set’s top feature would be the sound simulations of a real-life kitchen. The toy stove top and grill burner could make amazing sounds like water boiling, bacon sizzling, and even popcorn popping.

To note, there are also light-up flames that will come out to make the setting more realistic. On the other hand, the faucet when turned on, will make sounds of running water, and the clinking of dishes and silverwares. What is needed to power this set up are four AA batteries and it would be already good to go for children aged two to four.

Just as amazing as Little Tikes toys are, there would always be people who would otherwise think of toys negatively. Some think that toy sets take up too much space and are too heavy. This is not the case with the Little Tikes kitchen set though, each piece that defines it are worth the price and effort. Little Tike’s lineup of toy sets have come down the years to be proven as very durable and of the best quality. That is why some people may even choose foregoing brand new ones for second hand Little Tikes play sets as they are still very good to play with.

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