Queen size mattress for additional sleeping comfort

If you are finding your full sized bed a little cramped for space, it may be time to graduate to a queen size mattress. The queen bed gives extra room from side to side but does not over power a room like a king sized mattress. A queen is a good choice for many couples.

Persons living in older homes may find that bedrooms simply were not designed to accommodate a king bed. The room may feel like wall-to-wall bed. Even so, a full bed simply does not provide enough sleeping space. Persons of average height may find that the extra inches of width provided by the queen is a perfect compromise. If one of the sleeping partners is over six feet tall, the queen may not provide sufficient length, however.

When buying a different sized bed, you may also need a new bed frame. Hollywood frames are inexpensive and most offer sufficient support for the bed. Typically Hollywood frames are available in Twin, Full-Queen or King size. If you already are using this type of frame it may accommodate the new mattresses. While the frame can be used without a headboard, the headboard gives the room a more finished look. Headboards are sized according to mattress size.

Do not forget to buy new sheets when purchasing a different sized bed. If choosing cotton sheets, choose the highest thread count you can afford. Higher thread count sheets are more comfortable for sleeping and will last much longer than the inexpensive sheets. For a silky sleeping experience, try satin sheets. Back in the day when women had weekly appointment with hair dressers, many knew that a satin pillowcase help to keep their hair looking great until the next appointment.

The queen size mattress is a medium size bed for two people. It does not require the space of a king, but gives more sleeping room than a full mattress.

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