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Tea Lights to Liven Up the Atmosphere

Tea Light Holders add a wonderful hint of elegance to your home or deck. They are a great way to set the mood or just add additional soft light. Colonial Candles has many choices to choose from.

If you searching for a tea light holder with a outdoorsy feel, the Breeze Collection’s boat on stand with 5 tea lights set is a great one to choose. This one is perfect for the seaside cottage or outdoors wedding. Nature, water, and wind are what inspires this collection. The colors and materials are shades of blue with metal and glazed ceramics and also wood. This lovely table piece is only 32.00.

Hanging glass tea light holders are perfect for a finished deck or a quite room. The set from Sagaform’s is truly a delight. The glass is hand blown and cast an ambient light and can be hung with the 2.5 ft wire loop for easy suspension. You can pick between several colors and they are only $16.80.
It is also simple to make yourself. Any glass jar of your choice can be decorated with paint or left plain. Also, the bottom of wine bottles make nice unique holders. Tea lights are the number one choice for gardens as they’re wide and short which means they are less likely to blow over or get knocked down. Glass tea light holders look great hanging from trees or over your bistro table. You can also purchase citron vanilla candles which are great to keep those pesky bugs at bay.

With so many choices out there, you are sure to find the look for you. You can find great deals at your local dollar store, craft store, or even E-Bay for the unique ones. So whether, you want to set the mood, decorate a wedding, or just enjoy the wistful colorful ambiance, the tea light is sure to brighten your day.

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