Some Make Up Storage Ideas For You

You went out and got all the perfect shades of make up, and now you want to make that investment last as long as it can. One of the most important things to consider to make that happen is where you are going to keep it. While one typically puts on their make up in the rest room, this is not the best place to store those treasures. The heat and humidity can get to even the most tightly closed containers and cause things to either go bad before they should, or simply render them unusable. Below are some of the best make up storage ideas for you.

The two first things to give it up in the heat are liquid, or cream, foundations and lipstick. While this may sound silly, the best place to keep those items from going rancid so fast is the refrigerator. Simply place them in a zip type storage bag, and place them on the middle shelf. You can even designate a clear box for them, so they do not get moved around by the rest of the family.

Dry items, like powdered eye shadow, blush, or face powder, should be kept in a zip bag as well, but in a dry spot like the top drawer of your chest of drawers in your bedroom. This will prevent moisture from getting to the powdered items and giving them a hard surface you have to scrape off to get at what is underneath.

Mascara needs to be replaced three months after it is opened, so just keep it out of the bathroom and you will be ok. Your purse is not the best make up storage unit either. As you go from cold and damp places, to hot and dry ones, this affects the quality of your make up as well. The last, and biggest, no no for make up storage is your auto. There is no such thing as a safe and dry place in the car for make up, unless you have a small fridge for a few of the items, but the rest will simply need replaced sooner. Take care of your make up so it can keep making you look good.

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