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Waverly Style Fabrics and Curtains

Waverly style fabric is created entirely from cotton for a soft touch and rich color. When fashioned into curtains, Waverly fabrics show with splendor in any room in the home. Waverly makes it easy to coordinate your curtains with other Waverly products, as they label each of their patterns. Simply selecting each piece of an ensemble with the same style name is all you need to do. All curtains require a firm mounting point on the inside wall just above a window. This mounting point is created with a drapery rod. To install both curtains and valances, dual rods will be needed.

Many of these drapery rods are able to extend and retract as needed for a custom fit for your particular window. The easiest way to mount them is to use quick release brackets that mount to each side of the window. This way, each rod can be removed for easy access to the curtains. This makes cleaning them or replacing new curtains easy. After all, many home decorators like to use different drapery curtain patterns for different times of the year. Ensembles are available which include both valances and curtains for multiple windows.

When measuring your window, be sure to extend your measuring tape several inches on all sides of the opening. This way, you can ensure that the Waverly curtains will completely cover the opening, and no holes will be present on the sides for people to see in through. The rod pocket style of Waverly curtains is the most popular because it allows the curtains to open fully without the help of a tie. However, some designers enjoy having fabric side ties because it looks pretty. Many books are available from Waverly which discuss proper uses for curtains, as well as handy tips from the masters. There are plans which can show you how to use fabrics in an outdoor daybed with canopy, creating the fabric top.

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