Sizzling Headbanz Game

People of any age love playing charades. They have been playing this game for many year. There are even a lot of variations for charades. You can play charades with just acting out and using everything your body can do. Another way of playing charades is through using a pen and a board. Charades and guessing games are indeed a lot of fun. But guessing game is redefined by the newest and hottest game today, the Headbanz game.

Playing the Headbanz game is quite simple. Two to six players can play Headbanz. Players will be given an adjustable headband. These headbands were made adjustable so that people with unusual head size can still play. That’s very considerate of the Headband makers. Each package, you will get 74 cards. These cards is used during the whole game. The cards belong to three categories. The categories are the following: food, animal, and objects. Pick one, and without looking at it, place it on your headband. The “What am I” game is now ready to begin.

Each player is given a chance to ask other players limitless number of questions. However, they can only ask questions answerable by yes or no. Examples of these questions are “Is this an animal?”, “Can I find it in the zoo?”, “Does it bite?”, and many more. If the right questions are asked, it will lead you directly to the correct answer. Thus, it is important to ask questions carefully. Or else, you will be mislead.

All players are given only a minute to guess the item on the card. For now, you might think this is quite a long time. Think again. The excitement of this fantastic game will make you lose your brain cells. Guess as quick as you can so that you can discard your chips and win the game.

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