12 inch laptop

As if the initial laptops werent portable enough, there are even smaller laptops in the market today. The world of technology has definitely improved and has been able to enhance itself. Today, we have a 12 inch laptop in our hands and they are as efficient as the ones before it. Yet, we are looking forward for an even lighter, slimmer and smaller laptops with same efficiency and diligence in the future. But for now, the topic is a 12 inch laptop.

When a 12 inch laptop was first introduced in the market, the world had already seen mcuh smaller 7 inch laptop. However, they werent comfortable and user friendly in terms the screen and keyboard size. Then came the 10 inch laptops, but it was still too small. People demanded a small portable and light laptop but they also wanted them to be comfortable, so as a result the 12 inch laptops came to existence. In comparison to a 7 or 10 inch laptop, the 12 inch laptops are expensive and relatively heavier, also they use more battery power, but the fact that they are so much more comfortable to work with covers for all the other minor loopholes. In fact a 12 inch laptop has no drawbacks when comparing to an even smaller one.

Many may have in mind that a smaller laptop will be more easy to carry around, but whats the use of the portability if you are having a hard time working on it. So, a 12 inch laptop is a perfect blend of ease, portability, quality and comfort. The keyboard size of this laptop generally is of a standard size. This makes typing comfortable. Then again the screen size and resolution is worthwhile. The larger screen and higher resolution on a 12 inch laptop allows you to see more things on the screen at one time in comparison to a smaller laptop. It atleast eliminates the excessive scrolling. Most of the 12 inch laptops have a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 which is effectively good.

Hence an 12 inch laptops are ideal for users who need to do a lot of typing, especially for extended periods. Many may differ to a 12 inch laptop for the reason that a few inches really doesnt make much difference, but little things matter. Although the performance it provides is similar to that of the smaller laptops, size does matter. There are many companies and brands that have inroduced a 12 inch laptop and they come in a range of different colours as well. Finally, the choice is yours. There are many options available to you and you are free to choose the one that you think is best for you.

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