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Solar Pool Covers Keep Pool Water Clean And Warm

Solar pool covers are manufactured to keep pools free from debris, and to keep the water comfortably heated. They are designed with thousands of minature air bubbles that capture and convey the sun’s heat to the water in the pool. These types of covers are constructed from sturdy, long-lasting resin that can keep your pool about fifteen degrees warmer than usual. Water evaporation and heat loss will be reduced by at least ninety five percent. Typical colors for these types of covers are black, basic blue, clear, and diamond.

Solar covers for pools are available in standard pool shapes such as rectangular, oval, and round. Individual solar rings can be purchased for other shapes such as kidney, or a customized swimming pool with specific or odd dimensions. Solar swimming pool covers can help you save money on chemicals because you will be using up to sixty percent less than you usually do. Another advantage of installing a solar cover for the pool is the amount of time you spend cleaning debris and dirt from pool water. This time consuming chore will be significantly reduced, and you can spend more time enjoying your pool instead of constantly cleaning it.

To make an inground pool solar cover easy to put on and take off, there are cover reels for pools constructed from heavy-duty aluminum. They are powder coated to withstand outside elements, and they are easy to install. The basic models have crank handles that can be used to retract or extend the pool cover. There are also automatic solar pool cover reels that operates with the push of a button. Automatic solar pool cover reels are a convenient, efficient, and low cost solution for keeping your above ground swimming pool clean, warm, and safe for your family and friends during warm summer weather.

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