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Tools Used in Gutter Cleaning

The gutters of any home are often quite a chore to clean. Gutter cleaning can be done with greater ease by using specialized tools. Instead of climbing up on a ladder and pushing debris out with your broom, you can use something like a curved power washer wand. Gutter cleaning wands are telescopic, meaning that the wand can change length. This allows users to reach the gutters while standing on flat ground. This is far safer than climbing a ladder and re-positioning it every few feet. Telescopic gutter wands have a curved neck which points right into the gutter. When plugged into a power washer, these wands deliver a high speed spray which pushes out leaves.

Another method of cleaning is to use a robotic tool. Gutter cleaning tools with a “mind” can help you clean gutters without any human input. These devices are designed to fit into the gutter, pushing themselves along with wheels while a flapper in the front launches debris out. They can be left in the gutters for a decent period of time, working whenever you press the wireless remote.

If you enjoy applying a personal touch, a gutter hand brush can be helpful. Hand brushes have a handle on top with large nylon bristles on the bottom. These brushes are bigger than most, allowing you to clean debris without getting hands dirty. Tools with handles fit nicely onto wall mounted racks for efficient storage.

Preventing debris from getting into gutters is way better than having to clean them. Using special clip-on vents, gutter owners can allow water to enter the gutter while keeping out dirt. These vents have holes on the top which let water through freely, but do not allow larger objects like leaves through. Another product consists of a coiled spring that is placed at the opening of the vertical drain, letting water flow but not debris.

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