Shopping for a rug made easy

If you have ever gone rug shopping then you know that the rug choices are almost endless. With so many different styles, patterns, and colors where do you begin when it comes to picking that perfect rug for your home? One suggestion that I recommend to many people that I meet is to keep it simple, unless you are really good at interior decorating. By simple I mean go with a rug that is of a solid color instead some wild patterned multicolored rug that might not really go with your rooms decor. As far as what type of rug to buy it really does not matter if it is a shag rug, silk rug, or even a wool rug as long as the rug that you pick out matches every thing in your room.

Here are a few solid colored rugs that you might want to consider for your room.

Red Rugs – Red rugs are great if you if you have light colored furniture or want to make a bold statement in a room. Some of the best red rugs in my opinion are the red shag rugs. These rugs not only add color to the room, but they also add texture as well.

Black Rugs – Black rugs are great because they go with just about any kind of furniture or décor. The only draw back to using a black rug is that if it is in a high traffic area you might have to vacuum it on an almost daily basis. So you might want to make sure that you have a good vacuum like the Dyson DC23 if you go with color of rug in your house.

Brown Rugs – Brown rugs are another color that goes with most furniture and room décor, but unlike black this color of rug does not show the dirt and grime that gets tracked in quite as much.

These three examples of solid color rugs are just a small portion of the different colors that are available online or at your local retail store.

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