Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker – Zojirushi NS-ZCC10

There are many different rice cookers on the market today. One of the best value 5 1/2 cup rice cookers is the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10. This does not mean that it is cheap. But it does offer great value for money. The features that this machine has are really impressive for the amount of money that it costs.

The first feature that you have to know about this rice cooker is that it has Micom technology. Machines with Micom are much more expensive than those without. But, speaking bluntly, they are much better as well. A Micom rice cooker does not need you to watch over it as it cooks your rice. The machine is intelligent and takes care of the whole cooking process for you. This is because Micom devices have a Micro Computer chip that acts as the “brains” within the appliance. Actually, Zojirushi makes two “advanced” Micom rice cookers. The NS-ZCC10 is one of them. The other being the Zutto. What this means is that it makes use of Neuro Fuzzy technology which helps to guarantee prefectly cooked rice.

This machine makes a great family rice cooker. This is because it comes at a reasonable price for the features that it has and it is also the right size for family use. It can make up to ten servings of rice at once. What I like about this machine is that it has a spherical cooking bowl. This assists even heat distribution. Also this device has the biggest number of rice cooking settings of any Zojirushi rice cooking appliance. It comes with two measuring cups and a rice spatula so it has everything you need to get started making your own great tasting rice from home. If you shop on Amazon, you can find this device for well under two hundred dollars.

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