Understanding The Ben 10 Omnitrix

The Ben 10 Omnitrix watch is the launching point for the Ben 10 series. The watch-like device can transform Ben into several alien life forms and fight all sorts of forces of evil. How it all began was when Ben and his grandfather and went on a camping trip with his cousin.  He probably thought this would be like all the other trips and wasn’t expecting a life changing event to take place.  While Ben was exploring on his camping trip, he discovered an alien pod and as all curious young boys would, he decided to look further into it.  What he came upon was about to transform his whole life.  Inside the pod was a watch-like device which Ben put on his wrist and it permanently attached itself to him.

The Omnitrix, once affixed to a person, combines their DNA with that of numerous aliens.  It contains a control dial that when unlocked will release the alien DNA and transform the wearer of the device into the alien that appears on the device’s face.  With it combining DNAs, the user (Ben) feels like the alien but yet is somehow still himself.  The creator of the Omnitrix actually made the device to give others a chance to experience being someone or something else- to in essence, walk in someone else’s shoes. However with evil villains around like Vilgax, he fears of its misuse and put several safeguards in place on the device to prevent complete unauthorized use.  Several of these controls are: you can only turn into the alien that has been selected on the device, you are limited to only 10 aliens and there is a ten minute auto time out when you turn back to yourself.  As the cartoon show progresses several of these safeguards are disabled as the master control of the device is unlocked.

The Ben 10 Omnitrix is a complicated device which makes for several adventures for young Ben and opens up a whole new world of understanding and living.  As he becomes more familiar with the device more secrets are unlocked and access to more alien life forms appear.

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