Safety Equipment For DIY Mold Removal

If you are looking to remove mold from your house or business without seeking the help of a professional there are a few safety considerations you should make. Any mold needs to be taken seriously, even though some mold will not make you sick other mold could pose serious health issues for you. Without the proper safety equipment if you start experiencing symptoms of mold exposure, you will have to go to the hospital and a serious of mold exposure treatment appointments will be recommended. Depending on the severity this could be a single treatment or a series of treatments.

Mold can pose a threat to your health and your house. Mold growth will “eat” drywall and wood over time if not taken care of. Exposure to mold will cause different symptoms in different people, it can cause flu like symptoms, sore throat, skin irritation and other general sickness symptoms.  Also different molds can have different health effects.

Mold Spores are so small you can get sick without even seeing it, this risk is increased when you are cleaning it up as you disturb the spores.  This is especially true when you are doing black mold removal cleanup. By using the proper safety equipment you mitigate your risk of getting sick from mold. You should have a respirator, this will help keep you from breathing in mold spores, minimum of N95. You should also wear eye protection since you will be ripping out mold food or using chemicals to kill the spores. You should also wear a Tyvec suit or old clothes you can throw away after you are done, this will keep you from spreading mold spores throughout your house.

You should also have the proper tools to remove the mold, this includes old rags, plastic sheeting, cutting tools to remove exposed wood or drywall and finally heavy duty contractor bags to put material in so you don’t spread mold throughout your house.

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