Using Neostrata Products: The Pros And Cons

Acne is only a temporary skin problem but if you have already developed a habit of squeezing or popping it, it can turn into ugly scars which are much harder to remove than acne itself. Removing acne may take more than applying acne cream especially for individuals with severe acne. There are different kinds of acne medications in the market that can be bought without any prescription. One of them is Neostrata Acne Complex which works in three ways. The product is not only capable of removing blemishes but also helps nourish your skin. It works beyond the surface of your skin to destroy the source of the problem.

The Acne Complex kit contains a cream, toner and cleanser. All of these should be used together for you to see great results. The cleanser contains salicylic acid which is a known bacteria fighter. The toner is designed to make your skin look firmer and it contains AHA which is capable of refining your skin. The cream is the one responsible for repairing your skin especially if it has already suffered from scars and stubborn acne breakouts. If you find it inconvenient to use the product in the morning, you can apply these items in the evening instead.

Once you discontinue the use of the product expect blemishes to come back. You also have to purchase the product via the website if you are residing outside the US and Canada which can be quite inconvenient as you have to pay for the shipping fee. You are only entitled to free shipping for orders of $75 and above. Although you can purchase the product without any prescription, you will still be having difficulties with looking for authorized retailers in your area.

One of the advantages of using this product is having blemish free skin. If there is no improvement on your skin after 30 days, the company will offer a money back guarantee to the user. You can also check the website for more information about the product and you will not have a hard time browsing through it as it is more organized and the products are arranged by category so it will be easy for customers to find the product that suits their needs.

Neostrata products are for individuals with mild skin conditions. Those with serious skin problems may need to consult a dermatologist as some of the ingredients that are present in this product can aggravate one’s skin condition.

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