My Affair with the England Furniture

A beautiful peice of  England furniture caught my attention while I was looking for a table to replace my old one for my dining area. It was a beautiful wooden dining table, with simple but intricate carved designs. The quality was superb. It has a classy touch. And the craftsmanship is exquisite.

I went inside the shop, thinking I had a fixed value in mind enough to buy my dining table, but for this furniture, I had to ask how much it’s worth and perhaps get a discount from the store owner. I knew I wanted to have one the minute I saw it. I imagined it would be perfect with my new dining room table pads. I made a few over the weekend, while watching one TV program about making your own designs for the home, and so I ended up thinking about new ways to give my interior a new look.

I listed all old items that need to go, and new items to replace these. And so, there goes my old dining table, which was with me for 10 years, and I knew I just had to say goodbye to it, and the perfect replacement would be the table I saw at the shop. It comes with four wooden chairs with the same design, the same hand rubbed oil finish. It is evident that it was made with hours of hand crafting and hand sanding. There is a personal touch that goes with it, it’s like it was made for me. The contemporary design was enhanced by elegant rounding of the table legs. But despite its sturdy and high quality construction and materials, there is a soft effect about it, coming from walnut, or maple trees. So, I went home that day satisfied and relieved I found a good replacement for my old set of furniture.

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