What Causes Extreme Tiredness And Fatigue?

There are some days you can get out of bed in the morning and instantly feel so tired that you wish you could get back to bed. In most cases it is not because we had a short night, or a too long one for that matter although these two are usually among the top causes of early morning tiredness. There are so many reasons that can make you feel so tired in the morning as we are going to look at, but they often vary on individuals. The right remedy or tiredness also varies depending on the cause but there is no case of tiredness that has no remedy, the solution often lies in behavioral, dietary and lifestyle change and not in drugs and coffees as most people often believe.

Tiredness can be mild kind of loss of energy after a long hard day at work or school or serious fatigue that makes one feel constantly tired whether they have done anything or not. This kind of tiredness is often serious and can completely damage a person’s career, social and personal life because they will be completely disabled when they cannot really place where the problem could be emanating from. If you are suffering from this form of tiredness, first get to know the cause by analyzing your lifestyle and activities in order to successfully arrest tiredness.

There are so many causes of tiredness but the most common are stress and anxiety, poor lifestyle, improper sleeping habits and times, poor health, medical conditions and over working. Unless tiredness is dealt with in good time, it grows to become exhaustion and eventually fatigue. At this stage, dealing with it on your own will be almost impossible. It is recommended that you put lifestyle measure in place that will not allow tiredness to creep into your life.

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