Shopping for a New Zojirushi Rice Cooker

The good news for consumers is that there are now plenty of high quality rice cooking machines that are on sale in Canada and the United States. Unfortunately, Europe is still behind with regards to what is available. The main reason that the North American market is so healthy is because there are some Japanese rice cooker manufacturers that now sell their machines here. These firms are Zojirushi, Sanyo, Panasonic and Tiger. If you want the best then in my opinion you should buy a Zojirushi rice cooker because this firm has the best reputation out of all of them in their home country of Japan. In fact another reason why they are well worth considering is that the range is so large. There are at least twenty different ones on sale in the American market.

Rice cookers come in three different sizes. It is essential that you consider which is the most appropriate for yourself. Everyone knows that getting one that is too small would be problematic so this is unlikely to occur. But it is also not good to purchase a rice cooker that is too large for your needs. For example, if you live alone then you really do not need anything other than the smallest 3 cup variety. Basically you want to aim to make at least 1/3 of the machine’s capacity each time you make rice. This ensures that you will get the best results.

The other main thing that you want to look for in a Zojirushi is to choose a Micom device. These are not the cheapest. In fact their prices start at over $100. However, if you want the best tasting rice then this is what you should definitely select. Then if you can afford it, why not choose a Zojirushi Micom rice cooker with Induction Heating. Not cheap, but very high quality.

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