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Streetwear – A Lifestyle Of Fashion And Comfort

Streetwear clothing is a grass root fashion which is enthused by the street’s lifestyle and root of hip hop culture. It is a fashion influenced by urban clothing themes which crosses over the street sports, music, dance, innovation, needs & desires. In order to provide a higher choice of fashion clothing the fashion industries are seeking their ideas from urban culture which are trending people to street wear. The artist and designers who represent the lifestyle are trying to define the urban culture with the term streetwear. The artistic & innovative designs are holding the attention of people. The best way of anticipating the streetwear fashion is visiting the vintage stores or other venues of the street. At the present time the ladies streetwear fashion are changing constantly than men’s casual dress. Fashion industries are designing trousers and t-shirts with inventive “out of the box” design features. Jeans, caps, t-shirts, shorts, slack all are appropriate for streetwear. The shopping mall & shopping store has made the streetwear available. Vintage stores, flea market and other venues are also places to shop for streetwears clothing.  In the late 1970’s an innovative style of clothing was influenced by street art and with the theme “feel free”. The history of streetwear clothing leads us to a local surfboard shaper of Laguna Beach named “Shawn Stussy” who translated his logo into t-shirts and became popular among all.  Around the days of 80 they started designing with their brighter inspiration. The monogrammed prints, pop colors gave a new dimension to the promotion of this street fashion. In our time this urban hip hop fashion are being crossed by fashionable bags and sunglasses. This cloth has successfully combined fashion and comfort in a single power to feel free from the uptight corporate fashion and just to be themselves.

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