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Can Your Room Be Brighter?

Have you ever thought of a lime green rug for your living room? Area rugs are one of the best ways to decorate your floors. They can be used in different ways to brighten up or change the mood of an area. By use of various colors, patterns and shapes you can change the overall look and feel of the rooms. Some people also like to decorate their floors using various themes on the rugs. Colors play an important role in a home decor. Use of bright and bold color rugs will help you to make the floor the center of attraction. Apart from decoration, these rugs are also used for protecting the floors.

Lime green rug can be an exciting addition to your children’s room. You can also use it in your living room if you wish to have a natural theme. The color is very suitable for contemporary home decor. While using this color make sure that you use all other accessories matching to it. Otherwise, it may look out of place. These rugs are available in different textures, sizes and shapes. By adding a lime green rug, you can transform a boring room into an interesting and attractive room. For making it catchier, add one or two items in green to complement it. Shades of white window treatments can also be an added attraction to the room with these rugs.

Try using a lime green shag rug in your teenager’s bedroom. It will reflect their energy and lively nature. This color is also very suitable to be used in your patio. By using a green outdoor rug it can be matching to the greenery around which will be a great treat for the eyes. You can also add a few cushions with splashes of green for your outdoor furniture. Instead of using the color alone try using it with other colors. One of the best colors it coordinates well is pink. Make use of green and pink combination and see the difference it makes. There is no limit to creativity. Try different colors and enhance the overall ambiance of your home in every possible manner.

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