Florastor Kids Probiotics

Getting kids to eat things that are good for them can sometimes be a challenge, and it’s better to start them on a nutritious diet as young as possible so that it becomes normal to them. If that time has already come and gone, there are still ways to get them to eat healthy. Fortunately, there are some supplements that are great for kids’ health and taste good, too. Such is the case with Florastor Kids, which uses the same probiotic yeast found in regular Florastor probiotics and packages it in sachets. This Florastor has been given a fruity taste that kids like, and can be sprinkled directly onto their food. Since dosage is one sachet twice a day, giving kids Florastor is a great way to make sure they get their probiotic microorganisms, helping to ensure that their digestive systems stay strong and healthy.
As in adults, probiotic organisms help us to better absorb nutrients in the intestinal lining. This is especially important for kids, who need essential nutrients for normal growth. But Florastor does more than that- it also protects from harmful microorganisms which can cause poor health or diarrhea if they get out of hand. The yeast found in Florastor gives the immunity of the intestinal lining a boost, making it better able to resist disease organisms. It also ensures a healthy balance of probiotic versus harmful bacteria, which when present in small numbers do not present a health risk. If your kids absolutely need antibacterial treatment and the medication ends up destroying the healthy flora of the intestinal tract, leading to diarrhea, Florastor Kids is a great way to restore health to their digestive system. It will allow the system to function normally again while offering protection in the absence of the bacteria that is normally present to do the job.

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