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Illuminate your garden with post lanterns

If you are looking to illuminate you garden there are many different options available to you. Garden lighting must be functional in the sense that it must provide a sufficient amount of light, and at the same time it has to be decorative, and look good while providing lighting. If you have a fairly large yard then you will want lighting that will illuminate your driveway as well.

Post lanterns are the perfect option in lights that will provide lighting for your yard while at the same time looking good. As their name implies post lanterns are lanterns that are perched on top of a metal post. The post is planted into the ground. All electrical cabling are contained inside the post. These lanterns are water and weather proof as well.

You also get solar powered post lanterns if an electrical power point is hard to reach or not available. A solar panel is normally installed up to 20 feet away from the lanterns where it will receive a sufficient amount of sunlight to charge its batteries during the day. One solar panel can normally power two to six post lanterns.

Post lanterns are also the perfect option to provide light for your driveway, or walkway leading to your home. You get many different styles of post lanterns, and you will surely be able to find a style that will suit your homes architexture.Popular versions are the Victorian as well as antique style post lanterns.

If you decide to go for the electrical post lantern it is wise to get a professional electrician to connect the lantern to your power supply. Post lanterns can be a very attractive as well as practical form of lighting that will add an element of style to your yard and garden. You can buy these lanterns complete with posts as well as lantern and cabling from most furniture stores as well as specialist lighting stores.

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