When Zombies Walk The Earth

Anything about zombies is getting quite popular nowadays. From movies to video games, zombie contents became a viral hit when it was first introduce during the 70’s. The belief of dead bodies being able to rise up from the grave was first introduced in West Africa. Shamans or sorcerers would control dead bodies in a form of a voodoo in which the re animated body has no control over itself. It was a form of sorcery or black magic among African tribes in which the sorcerer or locally called “bokor” would revive a dead body so that they could capture its soul to become more powerful or would bring luck into their tribes. Voodoo Legend has it that if one would feed a zombie salt, it would return back into its grave.

Movies such as Dawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead, and I am Legend just to name a few would feature zombies in which most of the time people are being outnumbered by them because of their large numbers. Though they are sometimes slow and dumb, they can’t easily get killed when being shot at and would just keep on walking and getting hungrier by the minute. There are times that slow and dumb isn’t quite the right definitions in zombies. In the movie I am Legend, the zombies would just show up at night in which they would move with increase agility and strength.

Video games such as Dead Space, The House of The Dead, Left for Dead by Valve Corporation, Dead Rising and Resident Evil by Capcom let players play a survival horror type of game like conserving ammo or health packs and surviving the dead outbreak as much as possible. All of these video games were inspired by zombie movies being release for the last two decades. It brings the adrenaline and fear to the players in which they don’t know when a zombie would strike at them. The players are required to be alert of their surroundings, that is, if they can get pass of not being scared of going into dark rooms looking for supplies and a way out.

Zombies are some of the famous costumes being worn during Halloween. Just be careful not to scare those who have a weak at heart or those people who would suddenly go berserk the moment they get scared. They might have a heart attack or worse would end up punching you because of the adrenaline rush that might end you up on a hospital bed reading sympathy messages or get well soon messages.

Zombies are one of the symbols being used when we want to scare people. From movies, video games to novels, talking about a zombie would always strike fear and entertainment to those who would want to find out more about them.

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