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Unusual Ideas for Nautical Interior Decorating Colors

Nautical interior decorating colors might not seem like it’s suitable for your room at first just because it is so daring. However, there are a lot of different designs that you can really focus on. This means that you probably want to skip the basic bright tones and instead focus more on blue and white.

However, the color of blue that you choose should be very soothing especially for a bedroom design or a bathroom tile shower. In fact, this can even be a teal kind of color, which is one of the more popular colors in design right now. This looks really great against darker espresso wood furniture which is a staple in modern decor. You don’t have to have country kind of furniture to work with a nautical theme. This is going to allow you to get a new take and just combine styles that you love with furniture that you truly love.

However, as with any theme it is important to still relate this back to your overall design style. A great option to do this would be to just go with a lot of craft projects. You could just display seaglass in vases. You could also really try to do mosaic tile projects with this on anything from picture frames or bring in a lot of beautiful oversized glass vases or porcelain lamps.

Whenever you decorate with color a monochromatic color palette can be quite tempting. However, these usually only work if you’re going to go with shades of white or neutral tones. If you just went with a lot of blue tones it can end up being a little bit overwhelming or juvenile. Instead, it’s important to bring in a lot of wood furniture. The great thing about a lot of the espresso color wood is that it really doesn’t show through and instead focuses just on a rich kind of color.

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