How to Get the Look of Designer Bedding

Designer bedding can cost hundreds of dollars but you can find a lot of ways to work around this easily. You’ll just need to know a few of the hallmarks of designer bedding.

One thing that you might want to consider is using lace in unusual ways. Traditionally this would be on the bed skirt and this can be a little bit cheesy or predictable. Instead, you could just try going for this on your comforter. Any kind of lace pattern is very popular right now.

Again texture is important. This is a bed where you’re really going to need to just make sure that you get a lot of throw pillows. Sometimes it will also be included in the bed in a bag. However, with a lot of designer bedding you’re just going to find that you have to buy each piece separately and at times it can even cost you 20 or 30 dollars per pillow. A great way around this would be just to get matching fabric. You might even be able to pick up inexpensive window treatments from the same bedding collection and turn them into your own pillows. However you are also going to need to add in a lot of finishing trim and tassels so you still stay within the designer look.

One of the most popular design styles that we are seeing right now in interior design is going to be very Tuscan style bedding that works with a drop leaf table or metal wall art. This uses a lot of rich materials but it also can just be an easy to clean polyester. This is going to be one of your more expensive options and it’s also going to be one of your bolder choices. It’s important to make sure that this has more of a floral embroidery pattern to it. This is because you’re going to be using a lot of gold and red tones that would otherwise seem too modern or even childlike if you were going to just use such a really traditional pattern. The bed should be more of a burgundy color for richness and the yellow should be more gold in tone. This makes it elegant but it’s also not going to keep you awake at night.

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