New Kindle DX review

The Kindle DX was announced by Amazon on May 6, 2009. Unlike its other brothers, this beautiful device has a 9.7 inche screen with 50% better contrast. This sets it apart from the rest of the series. Most of all, it is the only e-reader with the widest screen comparing to all the e-reader available in the market.

The large screen makes reading experience even more pleasant and comfortable for users. It also makes a quite big difference with PDFs and newspaper and websites. The DX comes with a built-in PDF reader as well, which enables the users to read professional and personal documents with more complex layouts without scrolling, panning or zooming. The new Kindle DX also comes with a zoom capability, for easy viewing small print and detailed tables or graphics.

The another wonderful feature about DX si the auto-rotating screen. This makes it easier to read in portrait or landscape mode. It enables to see full-width landscape views of maps, graphs, tables and images immediately, all displayed in higher contrast on the screen. the best should be kept for last, but DX has all the best features which makes it hard to rank them. One of the amazing qualites the new DX has is the Read-to-me feature. With the text-to-speech feature, the new version can read newspapers, magazines, blogs and books out loud. This works out great when you have important details to learn but dont have the time to read. You can hear them while driving to an important meeting, orientation or something else. That is fabulous.

As said before, the list just keeps lenghthening. The new Kindle DX is incredibly slim, at jsut over 1/3 of an inch. It is as thin as most magazines making it really stylish and light to hang on to. However, although it is slim, it weighs 18.9 ounces, and is quite larger in size than the other Kindle brothers, making it heavier and difficult to handle it with single hand. Also, the price is a little too expensive. It costs $379, which is a lot to pay for an e-reader. The 4GB memory DX comes with a very good battery life, lasting for 2 weeks with the 3G off and 1 week with the 3G on. On the whole, regarding all the advantages it delivers and the price it comes in, it is not one of the perfect e-readers. It is desirable only if you are willing to pay so much for a large screen only.

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