Keychain camera

Technology has made everything so much easier to work out. There are so many equipments that does a zillion jobs and yet they are so small. A keychain camera is one such device. As the name suggests it is a camera with a keyring. However, there is more to it. It is a very smal and inexpensive digital camera. They typically have a plastic lens and flip-up viewfinder. SInce they are low cost, they are frequently used as promotional giveaways, somtimes imprinted with the name of a company or product.

But the size and price has nothing to do with the features it has. These cameras have a micro camera that can be used for taking photos and even video surveillance as it also allows short clips of video recording. As dramatic as it sounds, this keychain can be used for some thorough detective works as well. It is so small, you can pretend youa re fiddiling with your hands while in the process of actually recording.

The quality of the pictures is decent when it comes to the small keychain cameras. This makes it ideal for anyone that wants access to camera anywhere without having an obvious device such as a real digital camera. However, the memory size is fairly small. So, the amount of the video that can be recorded is not enough. But, if you are a real spykid fan or even if you are not and just want to have a little fun, this equipment can come real handy. Ofcourse, there are cell phone cameras but they dont give as clear images as required.

So, if you ever think of going undercover or just want to have a little fun or even more important things, then a keychain camera is something you have to have your hands on. They are practically the width of two adult fingers. They can be most often confused with any other keychains at a first glance. But what you dont know is that they are awefully more than what the appearance suggests.

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