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Intraoral camera

We all dread the dentist’s office. Regardless of how educated we are and know that dental care and regular checkups are a must, we often find an excuse not to. The reason is simple, the visits can end up to be painful. What is even bad about dentist’s office is that we dont know for real if what the doctor is saying is true. The fact is we cant see what the dentist can and our actions are based totally on our faith upon the dentist. Well, it doesnt have to be so anymore.

An intraoral camera is a camera which is designed to be used in the mouth for the purpose of taking video or still photography. They are most commonly used in dental offices, although patients can also use them at home to monitor dental health or to satisfy curiosity about what the inside of the mouth looks like. These cameras can be used in conjunction with a computer or with a television monitor, to view the condition of the tooth and the inside of the mouth. This is beneficial for both patients as well as dentists.

One of the primary uses for an intraoral camera is in patient education. This is in favour of the dentists, who have a hard time making the patients  believe what exactly is going on inside their mouths. This is regarding patients who may be suspicious or resentful of recommendations their dentists give them, especially if they dont feel immediate pain. Some may even defer or refuse procedures when they cant clearly see the area at issue.

Since the technology is digital, it saves time for dentists who need to make several X-rays otherwise. The photos can be easily re-taken and patients dont have to wait for the film to develop. The X-rays are easily printed, duplicated and sent to insurance companies that demand them. This makes it easier for the patients as well. Some insurance even accept email images and X-rays, cutting down on the paper trail. The pictures taken can also be used to document procedures for educational reasons, and to create projections of a patient’s mouth which can be used in medical schools for the purpose of educating future dentists about various issues which pertain to oral health.

The intraoral cameras designed for use in dental facilities come with disposable probes to ensure that germs ae not passed between patients, and they may come with a variety of options which enhances the functionality of the camera. Those which are designed for home use are more basic, but they can still be useful for people who want to see the inside of the mouth. With a camera at home, one can identify an issue that requires a dentist’s attention, keep an eye on a recovering surgical site, or teach children about the importance of oral hygiene.

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