Do You Have What It Takes to Live a Frugal Living?

A frugal person can stand proud and say that his life is not dictated by what has long been accepted by society. Society dictates that a person should go through a predefined set of events – a child goes to school until he or she gets older, graduates, and get a job. The person would then look for a mate, settle down, and raise the kid that satisfies the same chain of events.

Frugality isn’t against all of that per se, but it does encourage living your own life without having a psychological need to have material things, or more specifically, money. Frugality is about surviving, old school style, although the methods are often looked down upon by the society under the firm grip of the norm.

The frugal lifestyle is looked at as intentionally demoting your class in society. It is similar to being a Bill Gates and turning into a Scrooge-like figure. The things that frugal people do can usually make women go “Eww!” and this is one thing you should be ready for if you think you’re up to the task.

The good thing about frugality is that you don’t rely on money too much. It can help you save up big bucks out of a measly salary. However, this comes at a price. Heavy practitioners of frugality will eat just a few meals in a month. If you can keep yourself healthy, you will amass a fortune even if you aren’t making much out of your job.

This doesn’t mean you have to follow the same routes as the more extreme frugal folks take. One can practice a bit of frugality in preparation for when the “S” hits the fan – a financial preparation and a mental one. Forcing yourself to live a hard life during times of financial freedom allows you to save money for when you need it; and when you are facing the real hard times, you can take it with a grain of salt. That’s frugality for you.

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