Investing In A Hershey PA Timeshare

A fun family destination, Pennsylvania offers an ideal mid-Atlantic location, bridging the South and New England together. If interested in theme parks, a Hershey PA timeshare may be a good idea especially if you are a lover of all things Hershey. Known as being the birthplace and corporate location of the Hershey bar, this town is definitely recommended for chocolate lovers.

There are two main types of timeshares available those with fixed week dates and those with flexible, floating week dates. In addition to having date choices, timeshare buyers also can choose between buying at a home resort, where travel must occur or purchasing at a resort with a points system, where travelers can exchange points to stay at the company’s sister properties. If choosing the latter option, a home resort will still usually be assigned, as yearly maintenance dues reflect the price per point at a home resort.

Having a home resort also allows timeshare owners to reserve their units, if not purchasing a specific unit number, ahead of everyone else. If choosing to stay at another property, such as choosing to stay at another Wyndham property, timeshare owners would simply consult their Wyndham point chart to see how many points are needed to stay at a sister property, and can book their reservations after the priority period for home resort owners ends. While different timeshare companies can vary, usually home resort owners can reserve their rooms 7-9 months in advance and those choosing to stay at a sister property can reserve their rooms 5-9 months in advance.

For this reasons, if choosing to spend a lot of time at a Hershey PA timeshare, buyers will want to purchase one directly there, making it their home resort. This ensures they will be likely to get their chosen vacation dates and the resort will not be sold out.

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