Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings are Uniquely Beautiful

If you are planning to propose and want to give your lady something stunning and unique, consider a yellow diamond engagement ring. Every woman wants her engagement ring to be dazzling and one of a kind. Yellow diamonds will show her how truly special you think she is.

Colored diamonds have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years and yellow diamonds are among the rarest of colors. Yellow diamond engagement rings can be found in colors ranging from palest lemon yellow to almost marmalade in color. They are categorized as “fancy light yellow,” “fancy yellow,” “fancy intense yellow,” and fancy vivid yellow.”  Less than 1 in 1000 diamonds meets the criteria to be called yellow diamonds. The vibrancy of the coloring has a definite impact on the cost, with more intensely colored diamonds being rarer and bringing higher prices.

Yellow diamond engagement rings exist in almost any cut and setting. It is important to choose a ring that not only expresses your own style, or that of your bride-to-be, but also allows the diamond to show off its true glory. A radiant cut has been suggested as the ideal cut to show off the diamond’s brilliancy and depth of color, but emerald, cushion and oval and pear brilliant cuts are also flattering. Jewelry such as white gold emerald rings and Pandora bead charms with yellow stones will complement one of these rings perfectly.  While some say 14K white gold best suits the setting for a yellow diamond, there has been some debate about that. Whether a white metal or yellow gold is a better choice is probably best left to your own opinion.

More and more people are choosing yellow diamond engagement rings these days. Celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Paris Hilton have even been spotted wearing them. Never fear, though, the beauty and rarity of yellow diamonds will provide an exquisitely unique expression of your love. Your dearest will feel adored and cherished and will love showing it off!

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