A Little About Bathroom Shower Bases

The family shower is one of the most important parts of the house. Not only does it keep everyone clean but it serves as a great tool for relaxation. This means that when you are installing a new shower you want to do the best job possible. Any shower starts with the base. Bathroom shower bases start with a layer of mud, commonly referred known as deck mud because it is fairly solid and can be shaped. The deck mud is carefully sloped to the drain so the water can flow away easily. If you are installing a tile floor and drain this mud will provide the foundation for the finished floor.

Tile floors are not totally water proof even if they might appear to be so. Tile is impervious to water but grouting is no so a certain amount of water will work its way below the tile. This is why the next layer is important. This layer is simply a vinyl membrane that covers bathroom shower bases to prevent any water from reaching the mud base and damaging the houses foundation. The water hits the thin layer and is channeled to the drain. If you are having you shower base installed you should check to make sure this liner is used. Some installers do not use them and if you do not you floor will be ruined in months and the damage will eventually affect your foundations.

The final layer is another layer of mud that is much thinner that the original base. This is the layer that the final tiling is laid on. The measuring of these levels is very important because the height of your bathroom shower bases should not exceed the height of your drain. Installing bathroom shower bases really should be done by professionals.

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