Best Science Gifts

It always seems that this time of year when you’re looking for good gift ideas that it becomes difficult to figure out what to get kids. Sure you can always get them the latest crazed toy, but these items are usually over-hyped and are quickly discarded once the holiday season is over. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for kids that provides some substance as well as gives them a head start on learning you should consider giving them a science gift. It’s been demonstrated that kids who are exposed to science at an early age develop problem solving skills that help them with the challenges that life provides them. Below are some suggestions for the best science gifts for kids.

On one of the best science gifts you can buy for children is a microscope. This simple tool has been used for years but modern microscopes are much cheaper and easier to use. To make sure that you get a good microscope, get one that has both low and high power settings. This is important because it provides the children with the ability to see both common items but in better detail as well as microscopic things such as microorganisms that are all around them. One way to make the learning experience easier is to buy a microscope kit for kids. These kits have prepared slides that have a huge array of different items and give the kids exposure to more things. Plus it’s easier than making the slides yourself. You may also want to think about buying a digital USB microscope. These microscopes are a lot easier to use and can be setup on your home computer just by plugging it in.

Another option, one that’s better for older children, is a telescope. Modern telescopes are very good and reliable and have really come down in price. In fact some of the best kids telescopes are under 100 bucks! I would suggest looking for a refractor style telescope because they provide a little better experience and are slightly easier to use.

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