The Stunning Ruby Diamond Ring

When you think of a diamond, you can’t help but think about engagements. But you are forgetting the most important fact about diamonds. They are associated with the 4 C’s. The 4C’s stands for Color, Carat, Cut and Clarity. The 4C’s configures the quality of your diamond. The intense making of 4C’s increases the beauty of your diamond.

Nowadays, engagement rings do not come in a simple and bland diamond ring. Jewelers have come with the idea of complementing the diamond ring with precious gemstones. And one latest addition to the fashion world is the ruby diamond ring. The ruby perfectly blends with the brilliance and glitter of the diamond. In fact, it ruby and diamond equally look good when combined together. The practice of giving a traditional diamond engagement ring is over.

The engagement ring is one of the recent flows in formal jewelry that feature a taste and touch of a shiny and brilliant red gem stone. Gone is the usual seal of “Will you marry m?” Today, what you see is a diamond and ruby weeding ring ornamenting and making your weakest finger dominating the other much stronger fingers. What a lovely wife you may look.

These ruby diamond rings are crafted in all types of lovely and innovative designs and styles. The most favored design of all is the single large lone ruby that is incorporated in a ring of diamonds. This color blending and contrast is completed by a ring of white diamonds, red rubies or a ruby and diamond circlet. The blending effect is flattering to the eye and to the wearer.

Choose the color of your gem. This plays a big role in making this ring a perfect one for you. As practice by professional jewelers, the stronger the color of the gem is the most valuable and costly it is. You may want to consider the orange and bluish blue of the Burmese Ruby also known as Valley of Burma. Obviously, this comes from Burma.

Compared to other stones, ruby expresses a lot of emotions and pools of personality. The strong hue of ruby may signify devotion, fidelity, lust, passion, commitment, especially love. While the diamond on the other hand, depending on the cut you may choose, symbolizes wisdom, ascendancy, clarity and harmony, legacy epiphany. Combining these two stones will let you express your true feelings to your partner. It is like saying that you are submitting your life to your partner until forever. This can really draw attention.

The Ruby diamond ring really speaks of an unending journey and strong, unbreakable bond. This is a lifelong symbol of your wants to make a perfect beginning of your life as married couples. For those who are already married, giving your wife on your forthcoming anniversary or on her birthday or on Valentine’s Day will surely ignite and bring back the passion you once shared during your first or second anniversary. This a perfect mark to revisit your past and renew your vow with each other.

Check out the jewelry shop near you. They sure have a perfect offer and great discount for you. This is for your love ones. And you only want what is best for them.

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