Curl It Up

As the saying goes, “eyes are windows to the soul.” The eyes is one of the most essential features in a person’s face. In fact, eyes reveal true emotions and are sometimes use in alternative medicine to detect one’s illnesses and weak organs. Many individuals have done countless things to make their eyes stand out. Some tried using different colored contact lens.The downside of contact lens is that you might be at risk to different forms of eye infections.

Furthermore, applying contact lens can be tedious and can take a lot of time. Use of contact lens also dries up the natural moisture of the eye; thus, continuous eye drops application may be necessary. Another method utilized by many is using make up such as mascara and eyeliner. Mascara can make your eyes appear luscious and doe;however, the shelf life of mascara is only 3 to 6 months and non waterproof mascara can smudge easily. Alternatively, many individual love using eyeliners to emphasize their eyes. Some prefer pencil eyeliner because they are cheaper and last longer, but individuals need to sharpen it every time. Others like the liquid type since they give out a clean finish and has longer coverage. In addition, many beauty shops and dermatologists are offering a procedure called eyelash curling. This procedure mimics those of perming but only on the eyelashes.

It can probably took more than an hour and cost around 30 to 50 dollars. However, lately, I came across a product called eyelash conditioner. It has been one of the hottest products that reached the stores this year. Many women and some men tried these products and gave out fairly good feedbacks in Clarisonic reviews. Beauty experts and other consumers responded that the best eyelash conditioners are those that offer results and uses certain ingredients such as those used in glaucoma. Here are the top 5 products: Lilash Purified Eyelash Stimulator, Sovage eye maximizer, Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner, and Glominerals Enhance Eyelash Serum. In fact, I read a Clarisonic review that advises the use of these eyelash conditioners with Clarisonic products such as the Clarisonic Infusion System.

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