New ways to train the little ones

Parents today are faced with tough decisions when it comes to disciplining a child. Methods of discipline that were once accepted now lead to potential law suits and court appearances. Other methods prove less effective in controlling the behavior of an out of control adolescent. Many parents and guardians are turning to a form of punishment that seems demoralizing and possibly psychologically damaging. This method is diaper punishment.
In diaper punishment a child, usually aged from three or four years up to age eighteen, are made to wear a diaper all day and night. These children are also denied access to bathroom facilities. The result is that the child must urinate and defecate into the diaper. Diaper changes are at the option of the punisher, normally the parent. Some punishing parents only allow changes at long intervals or delay changing as additional punishment if the child requests a change. This can be quite demoralizing to a child, especially a teenager or young adolescent.

The reasons for such punishment are varied; perhaps the child has acted like a baby, or refuses to act like an adult. One diapered child was punished for excessively drinking alcohol and then urinating on the bathroom floor. Whatever the cause, the reasoning behind the punishment appears to be if the child reverts to baby like behavior they should be treated as a baby. This could include changing the diaper of an adolescent in front of friends and guests much as the diaper of a baby would be changed when it is soiled. However, a teenager would be embarrassed to be naked in a room full of people where a baby may not know the difference. As you may guess, there is a lot of debate as to the appropriateness of this type of punishment.
Whether it is appropriate or not, this form of punishment, considered an option to corporal punishment, appears to be catching on. The long term effects on the punished child are still to be determined. The effectiveness of such punishment also has to be questioned.

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