Job Searching After the Recession

Many people today are hearing that more and more jobs are becoming available.  While this is great news for the economy as a whole it can be concerning that many of the traditional sources where people find jobs aren’t getting as much traffic as they used to.  One of the primary reasons for this is the rise of social media by Human Resource professionals.  Most human resource professionals will agree that it’s very costly use to traditional outlets to post each position.  Newspaper ads, billboards, and radio ads are still very expensive and while hiring may be on the rise that doesn’t mean the reduced budget of the human resource department is on the rise.  Companies all over the world are encouraging their people to do more with less and most employees have responded with creative ways to solve the problems.  Here are some of the ways that people have answered the call:

1) Making sure that people know they can find a job on Facbeook – Many companies advertise their job postings right on their wall and do a great job of keeping everyone informed of openings.  This is free method to post the job and many people will use Search Engine Marketing or Facebook Ads to drive traffic to the post.

2) Listening to social media speakers and understanding that going on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can have a huge impact on finding candidates without even having to place an ad in the paper or online.  These tools have let average human resource professionals become overnight recruiting superstars because of their increased database.

3) Using a fairly cheap job board and then capitalizing on the fact that indeed and will probably pick up the job and it can be seen by millions of people.

This is the type of forward thinking that will save companies money and set the tone for human resources in the future.

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