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Wireless spy camera


Spy camera has been in use for many years now. The purpose of its use may vary from person to person but the general motive is the same; to dig out something secret without letting others know about it. Although, most of us have only witnessed the use of spy camera in investigation or detective movies, many of us are aware of the fact that they are handy in day to day lives and arent just fiction gadgets. Spy camera can be very useful for many purposes, including, supervision on a nanny, cheating spouses, nosey landlords, theiving roommates, employee theft etc.

There are both wired as well as wireless spy camera. The wired cameras consist of wires that needs to be well hidden, whereas the wireless cameras need no such fuss. They are easy to handle and can be hidden in any nook and corner of the room or behind any furniture: as long as it records the area clearly without any disturbance. Many may not believe but like in the movies, there are wireless mini spy cameras that can be fitted in pen, tie pin or any other accessories. So, if you are an aspiring detective or just want to have some fun, a wireless spy camera is a perfect tool.

When it comes to getting a wireless spy cam, there are many things to be considered. The consideration includes colour, image quality, frequency, range etc. Getting a colour wireless spy cam is better because it is better at distinguishing different items in the field of view. But it may be a  little expensive than the ones in black and white models. Secondly, you will have to decide on the quality of image required. The higher the resolution number, the better the image quality.

The transmission frequency used by the cam also determines your purchase. This is the frequency used by the camera to transmit the video signal to the receiver. There are currently 434mhz, 900mhz, 1.2ghz and 2.4 ghz transmission frequencies available in the market. A 2.4ghz is used for professional operation, so you can choose anyone that fits your requirements. The transmission range is also a very important element in deciding which cam to choose.

The range is measured in ‘line of sight’. It is a measure of the maximum distance the spy camera can stand away from the receiver and still receive the signal with no obstruction and interference between the two. The range is usually between 300 to 2000 feet depending on the model. There are cam with the receiver included. The receiver can be your TV, VCD or DVD, through which you can view the images and sound from the wireless spy camera. The receiver may not be included, or to be included an extra sum will be needed.

Once you are clear about what type of wireless spy cam you need, you can purchase anyone you require. These cams will definitely make a difference in your life. If you arent looking for any revealations then you might just as well have some fun.

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