An Introduction To Swim Fins

Seeing a sea of people wearing swim fins at the pool, beach, or at a lake is not an uncommon site.  These fins are very popular with those who enjoy many different water sports activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming.  As such, the market for swim fins is very large.  For the most part, swim fins are not complicated devices.  They are designed to help you swim through the water easily without using a lot of energy.

Swim fins appear to be such a simple design that many assume they have been around for more than a thousand years.  Not so.  In fact, it wasn’t until 1717 that the first pair of these fins were created by inventor and statesman, Benjamin Franklin.  Swim fins were one of Franklin’s earliest inventions and the first pair he made were carved out of wood.

On the surface, the concept of swim fins is actually very simple.  They are designed to amplify a swimmer’s kicks while in the water so that the swimmer will be able to swim faster and further on less energy and effort.  While people can certainly swim without fins, using fins makes swimming much easier.

When you go shopping for a pair of swim fins, you have two basic choices.  They are available in either hard plastic or hard rubber.  Hard plastic fins are usually the more affordable option while the hard rubber fins are usually the more comfortable option.  Your personal preference and your pocket will guide you in making the right decision for you.

Don’t forget the kids when it comes to swim fins.  The little guys like water sports too!  Swim fins for kids are available by themselves or as part of a snorkel set.  A good pair of fins, whether for yourself or for your kids, will last many years if taken care of.

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