Gold Grillz

Anywhere you go you can’t ignore the great influence of pimps, I mean it seems like the gangsta look is really in these days. Although they look really mean they look like sophisticated type of thugs they are absolutely harmless, they just has this sense of toughness, unique way of showing that they are powerful, truly it has been a fashion statement popularized by artist, specifically those who are in to rapping and hip hop music. Like jay-z, lil john, Nelly, and fat Joe they are recognize for wearing loose clothing’s, caps and their accessories, which completes their looks, most of this accessories are really ornate in nature, they refer to it as blings which has the characteristics of being flashy, flashy in the sense that they are really shinny and really noticeable because of their size. You shouldn’t be surprise if you see them wearing huge chain like necklace with pendants that really stands out, no to mention that it is either gold or silver plated which is really blinding.

Anyway ill focus my discussion on an accessory that really caught my eyes. I know you’re not new to removable fake fold teeth which has been long popular to artist. This are set of fake teeth which is suite to fit the original teeth. It’s really an accessory that is made to get attention.

Those were the old times, nowadays fake gold teethes have been buffed up. There are new set of fake gold teeth called gold grillz, which are totally different from the ones that they had the idea from. Grillz are removable gold teeth that is designed to fit the original teeth, quality grillz are made by molding it with the original teeth so that it won’t affect the position of the teeth. Although it is still gold plated, grillz have gems attached to them some who can afford attach diamonds and create design on the teeth, some matches it with other of their accessories. Teeth grills will give you a blinding gangsta look.

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